Dawn is the original Esports token

We create career opportunities for world gamers with decentralised rewarding and matchmaking technologies.

How it works

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Dawn bridges the gap between mainstream gamers and the world of decentralized payments. Play, stake, wager, and earn rewards by excelling at a growing list of AAA titles available on the FirstBlood Platform.


Freeze your Dawn in a smart contract and earn exclusive membership benefits and rewards


Earn rewards for excelling at your favorite games or wager Dawn in tournaments to see how you match up against the field.


Gain notoriety as a competitive esports professional and take your career mainstream.

Announcing FirstBlood token swap

If you are holding any legacy FirstBlood 1ST tokens you need to swap them to new DAWN tokens.

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Win DAI & Dawn by playing Warzone on FirstBlood!

FirstBlood has joined forces with MakerDAO to bring you Warzone tournaments where you can earn DAI and Dawn tokens for topping the field.

The benefits of Dawn token

For gamers

Play and earn professionally regardless where you come from. Dawn token works in every country, with PC and mobile games.

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For blockchainers

Gain exposure in growing Esports industry. Dawn, launched 2016, is the original token for competitive video gaming.

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For developers

Integrate Dawn tournament SDK to your games. Dawn is an easy way to enable pay-to-compete and create additional revenue streams.

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