A new Dawn for gamers

Dawn is a utility token to reward competitive gaming.

Get rewarded for gaming

Access VIP prize pools with Dawn token membership

Buy-in matches for professional players

Organize tournaments and collect fees

Play and earn today

Stake Dawn tokens on FirstBlood tournaments to access VIP matches.

Dota 2

A multiplayer online battle arena.

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An online multiplayer battle royale game.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game.

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The original Esports token

Launched in summer 2017, FirstBlood platform has served more than 350,000 users from 200+ countries.

More than 1.7 million matches and dozens of professional tournaments played.

Thousands of prize pools distributed to players from 200 countries.

Bringing crypto to Esports masses

Dawn is a leader on two new major trends: competitive video gaming and decentralized finance. For 500 million Esports fans, Dawn offers an entry point in cryptocurrency ecosystem. As Dawn is driving adoption, we focus on ease to use and accessibility of global payments.

Built on Ethereum

Dawn is an ERC-777 token running on Ethereum, the largest public blockchain in the world. The token benefits from the large ecosystem and is compatibility with all major wallet apps, exchanges and decentralised finance services.

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Are you a game developer?

Integrate Dawn tournament system to your PC and mobile games. Money-prized matches attract professional players and create additional revenue streams for your development studio.

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Case Study: MakerDAO Partnership

MakerDAO, the protocol behind the popular DeFi stablecoin DAI, enhances accessibility for enthusiasts and professional gamers alike by offering rewards in DAI to competitive gamers playing on FirstBlood.
Through this campaign, we've educated thousands of Gamers how to use DAI and how to receive payments using internet of money.