Gaming Platform FirstBlood Announces Upcoming Launch of New Blockchain, “Dawn”

Dawn blockchain to be based on Cosmos Network to facilitate increased scalability and interoperability

This press was released on December 12, 2019

Boston, MA — 12 December, 2019 —FirstBlood, the leading gaming platform that allows amateur esports players to earn rewards for playing well-known video games such as Dota2, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), and PUBG Mobile, has announced the upcoming launch of its new blockchain, Dawn


Built on the Cosmos Network, Dawn will enable FirstBlood’s community of more than 200,000 users to wager cryptoassets, and compete directly with one another on some of the world’s most popular video games. DAWN token will launch alongside the blockchain and act as a staking and governance token for the new network.


Joe Zhou, Founder and CEO of FirstBlood, said, “When I founded Firstblood, my goal was to use decentralized wagering and conflict resolution to solve issues in the esports community. However, the challenge has been finding a platform that can scale to meet our needs, while accommodating a legion of passionate gamers that are eager to meet and compete. In Tendermint and the Cosmos Network, we have finally found that solution. We’re extremely excited to open up this platform to our supportive community of users and have them experience fun and frictionless esports wagering.”


The Dawn blockchain is built using the Cosmos SDK, which provides application-specific blockchains with the functionality of interoperability, enabling them to communicate and simultaneously bringing an end to the current siloed nature of blockchains. Building on Cosmos also enables FirstBlood to maintain blockchain sovereignty, process transactions quickly, and ensure fast finality - important functionalities for a use case such as gaming. 


Utilizing the Cosmos SDK and the Tendermint consensus protocol allows Firstblood to significantly scale up numbers of transactions per second, while also maintaining low transaction costs for users. Tendermint’s architecture permits FirstBlood to maintain Ethereum as its top layer, benefitting from the platform’s reputation and potential for maintaining token ownership and transactions. To achieve this, FirstBlood is building Dawn as a Cosmos Zone, using Tendermint consensus, while deploying a bridge contract on the Ethereum mainnet.


“We have been working continuously to allow highly skilled amateur gamers to earn money on their hobby, and this transition to the Cosmos SDK will foster the scalability and growth that the FirstBlood platform needs, whilst maintaining the functionalities we already had,” continued Zhou. 




Joe Zhou, Founder and CEO of FirstBlood, is available for interview.


About FirstBlood


FirstBlood is a leading gaming platform that serves gamers around the globe, who are earning rewards for playing well-known video games such asDota2, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), and PUBG mobile. Built on the Cosmos SDK, FirstBlood’s products utilize the power of blockchain, which enables players to play, earn and wager diverse crypto assets on games, and to directly challenge each in order to win rewards. Founded in 2016 and as a pioneer of blockchain and gaming, FirstBlood aims to establish itself as a leading brand for products in competitive video gaming. The company’s headquarters are in Boston with additional offices in Santa Monica, Mumbai (India), and Ljubljana (Slovenia).


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