Dawn is a global, self-governed and open-sourced Blockchain built for gamers

“Cosmos Zone” Gaming Protocol

This page was last updated on December 11, 2019

We are happy that we have set out to build our own gaming protocol. We are developing our new blockchain as a “Cosmos Zone” built on Tendermint consensus, using a bridge contract deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Building Dawn this way means that ERC-20 tokens can be safely moved into, and later withdrawn from, the Dawn Chain.

The Tendermint architecture will allow Dawn to scale much better with transactions per second well above the current Ethereum limit, at significantly less cost and better experience to end users, while keeping Ethereum as our top layer. This means that we can eliminate the scaling problems we encountered when building Firstblood app on Ethereum without losing its credibility as a powerful, trusted platform for maintaining token ownership and transactions.

The Cosmos network will bring a variety of benefits to users, including:

Featured Modules:

Gamer Identity Module

Identity module is the basic module that will let game developers create a profile for their user base on the Dawn blockchain. This feature value lies in the immutability of the blockchain, making each gamer’s achievements and progresses unarguably registered and verified. Game developers will be able to customize the amount of data fields and value types for these entries.

Tournament Module

This module will allow game developers to either simply plug into the ready to go tournament templates or have custom format tournaments for their game and competitions. Tournament data alongside with optionally financial information of the tournaments on the blockchain.

Game API Module

With this module, game developers will be able to integrate and expose their APIs to public through Dawn Blockchain module. This would allow open community developers to also build on top of each game available on Dawn to enhance the game experience itself, utilizing all the benefits of the blockchain.